Intimacy is when a person is to you what your favorite song is to you on a lonely day. It’s a bus ride you take by yourself to a place no one knows you’re going, and you just so happened to have the right amount of change in your wallet pocket. Intimacy is the brief seconds between making a wish and blowing out your birthday candles. Intimacy is a silence you share and engrave between fingerprints, it is the time stopping fire that ignites when you kiss the lips of the person you love. Intimacy is when you take a breath in the middle of a phone call with a long lost friend. Intimacy is your reflection when you get out of the shower. Intimacy is those moments you can’t fake.

Vackert skrivet av en av de bästa av tumblrprofilerna.

Sing to the seeds//"At least I can't say I didn't hazard a try, to embellish my joys. There will be no moment of silence when I die. Only a moment of noise."

Det känns alltid lite som en saga då man hittar fotografier i polisrapporter från 1920-talet, där brottslingarna får posera fritt inför kameran. Strike any pose. De skarpa ansiktsprofilerna mjuknar i ljuset och trots tappra försök till att se farliga ut framstår de mest som sorgliga. Borttappade moraler fångade på bild.

(Dessa två alltså. Har inga ord. "Brott okänt")

(källa: Daily News/New South Wales Police Department)


(foto: Lindy Buchanan och Misma Andrews)


(foto: Danny Santos och Luana Errico)


(foto: Mundo Mudo och Lori. text: elsewhere in wilderness )


(foto: Ibai Acevedo)


(foto: Anna Ådén)